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We will clean your house or apartment! We will provide fast, friendly, professional, dependable, and affordable services. Terrific N Tidy ensures that each and every client is provided with the very best of our ability, with your happiness always at the top of our list of priorities, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Terrific N Tidy has great customer service, friendly out-going personality, and affordable prices. TNT is through but efficient, with rates that are lower than that of a professional cleaning service, and we are trust worthy as well reliable with the services we provide. We love our job which makes it easy to do the required tasks well. At Terrific N Tidy, we see to each and every client being served to the very best of my ability with your happiness is always at the top of our list of priorities, satisfaction guaranteed.

About Us

Natavia Eubanks is the founder of Terrific N Tidy Cleaning. She specializes in any particular house cleaning services desired. Also she perseverance, trustworthy, determined and a hard worker. ​ Do you have your hands full with work, school or family? Do you have no time to tend to your home? Let Terrific N Tidy clean it for you!

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We understand that someone has to take care your house chores while you’re at work. And this should be someone you can trust. That is why we are working for you. Our experienced and reliable cleaning workers will handle your cleaning issues. We keep it fresh & sparkling clean!



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We believe each and every client is specially important to us as our services are to them, that’s why we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work to the fullest.



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